Carl Eric Porter

Photographer, Artist, Editor

Carl Eric Porter is a digital photographer and artist based in Baltimore Maryland and Southern York County Pennsylvania.

He has experience in many different photo styles but with a taste for darker styles and imagery. He also likes to experiment with mixing styles as well as with 3D images. In 2015 Carl did a series of pin up inspired photos with the theme being based on the cult classic television series from the early 1990's, "Twin Peaks. These photographs were featured in two art shows. One was held in Seattle, Washington called "Between Two Worlds, Fire Walk With Me". The other was the popular "Twin Peaks UK Festival" held in London, England. Carl also served as an art director on an independent film in Baltimore. The film was "Roulette". Carl then designed promotional artwork and the final DVD and Blu Ray case jackets for the film. In addition, Carl also provided a head shot of the director, Erik Kristopher Myers, for several news outlets who wrote pieces or reviews about the film. Baltimore Sun. And Here. Recently the photo titled, "Demon Inside" was shared to multiple social media sites when featured by Dark Beauty Magazine.   More Soon!